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One source of truth for all your marketing activities
Comprehensive analytics and beautiful visualizations put the power in your hands. With data scattered across platforms and channels, it can be challenging to measure progress, analyze and optimize, and ultimately achieve results. Now, with Artisan10x proprietary Analytics and BI functions, you can understand exactly what’s going on across your campaigns, discover unseen opportunities, increase ROI and feel in control.

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Artisan10x Analytics and BI dashboards show you the trends on both paid and organic activities, including actionable insights to ensure ongoing success. Whether you’re an analytics expert or just want a bird’s eye view, we have a solution for you.

One source of truth for iOS, Android, and Web
Our dashboard provides tracking and analytics for all digital activities. See key metrics at a glance, and drill down deeper to get super powerful granular insights.

Get one source of truth for all your organic & media activities. Centralize all your data in one place, and gain the ability to compare channels, campaigns, media types, and more. Everything is consolidated for you, so you have a super clear picture of your performance.
BI & Analytics with Artisan10x
Complete customization
Your dashboard is tailor-made for you. We’ll ensure your specific KPIs are front-and-center, and that the different visualizations and metrics are exactly what you need to optimize your campaigns and achieve maximum results.
Get valuable insights on iOS
We offer amazing post-IDFA solutions to make the most of the changes after the latest iOS privacy update, including ingestion of SKAdNetwork data. We tailor our dashboards and collect data to create a comprehensive overview, within the limitations of iOS 14.5 and above.
Advanced metrics and valuable analytics, such as:

Return On Investment

Video Daily Trending: Views vs. CPV

Spend By Site Name

Performance By Creatives

TikTok 6 Seconds Video Views Trend Line

And much more